Wallpaper On A Budget

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We know that wallpaper can become a very expensive task with what seems like continuous add on’s! But there are a few ways you can save a few dollars and we’ve got some ideas for you to use below.
1. Apply the wallpaper yourself
It may seem very daunting to apply wallpaper yourself without the help of a professional, but with the help of a few DIY videos you will become the next best thing! Plus you will save a huge amount of money.
2. Correct measurements
This seems like an obvious tip, but there is nothing that can be stressed more than ensuring you order the correct measurements. There would be nothing worse than going to apply and realising you don’t have enough material!

3. Create a feature wall
Rather than adding wallpaper to every wall in a room, pick and create a feature wall! This will also save you a lot of time and the wallpaper design will have a better impact.
4. Wallpaper vs Paint
Choosing to wallpaper your home rather than paint is a more cost effective choice in itself. Wallpaper is a lot more durable than paint as it can last up to 3 years longer if applied correctly.
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