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Tips and Tricks from the B@Home Team

Roller sleeves are sold in short, medium and long nap lengths.
• A Short nap is between 4-8mm long and holds the least amount of paint. This roller is best used with gloss paint on smooth surfaces. It leaves a thin, very smooth coating.
• A Medium nap is between 8-12mm long and holds any type of paint well. It produces a soft-looking stippled effect perfect for walls and ceilings.
• A Long nap is between 18-25mm long and holds a heavy load of paint that is ideal for textured, damaged or extremely porous surfaces.
Roller Preparation
Prior to use rinse rollers in solvent or water, dependent on the paint type, to remove loose fibres. Make sure the roller is dry before use.
Loading the Roller with Paint
Half fill the well of a roller tray with paint and dip the roller in. The roller should be almost half submerged. Roll off excess paint on the ramp of the tray. Repeat this process until the roller is evenly saturated. Do not overload with paint or the roller will drip and slide, producing an uneven coat.
Paint Application with a Roller

• Start at the top and work your way down. This allows drips to be painted over.
• To start push roller up and down in a diagonal motion to form an ‘M’ about a metre wide. Going in the opposite direction form a ‘W’ to fill the gaps. Keep contact with the surface during this process and apply even pressure for a smooth finish.
• Next roll in a criss-cross motion to ensure complete coverage.
• Finish this section by rolling lightly in vertical strokes from the floor to ceiling. When painting a ceiling, finish off by rolling lightly in even strokes towards the ceiling’s light source.
• Move to the next section and repeat above steps.
Clean up and care:
• Never leave a paint-covered roller exposed to air for any length of time. Wrap in a plastic bag or cling wrap to keep moist and ready to be used again.
• Make sure rollers are cleaned thoroughly after use and stored correctly.
• See Brush and Roller Care and Cleaning for full cleaning and product care instructions.

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