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Easy Living
A range of premium acrylic paints suitable for use on interior surfaces. Easy Living is
extremely resistant to wear and tear, has excellent coverage and hiding power, is easy to remove marks from, simple to apply and fast drying. It is available in ceiling, flat, low sheen, satin and gloss finishes, as well as an undercoat. This range is ideal for all interior painting needs.

A premium oil based finish that’s tough and hard wearing. It has excellent flow properties, is extremely durable and can be applied to most surfaces where a superior long lasting finish is required.
The supreme range comes in a gloss and semi-gloss finish and a series of sealers, undercoats and primers enabling the thorough preparation of all surfaces.

A premium exterior 100% acrylic paint available in both gloss and low sheen finishes. Weathertough Forte provides protection against the suns harmful UV rays, leaving your
home looking pristine for years to come.
Weathertough Forte has a 10 year guarantee against peeling, blistering and flaking, and is self priming for most applications. The product is mould resistant, easy to apply, has excellent covering power and is suitable for most exterior surfaces.

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