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antica signoria

The Exciting Antica Signoria Specialty Paints Range

Exclusive to Bristol Paint Specialists

Antica Signoria is an exciting new of range of decorative specialty paints and wall finishes that can confer prestige and elegance to a variety of environments.
Originating from Pescara, Italy, Antica Signoria is owned and produced by Di Donato SpA since 2001. A family owned company, Di Donato SpA specialise in many forms of wall coatings, including paints, renders, sealants and colouring technologies and have been around for over 40 years.
Antica Signoria specialty paints range are all water based products including the tinters required to colour the range and are Eco-friendly and Sustainable with very low VOC levels.

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Brush Products

  • Water based
  • Very low VOC
  • High Spread rate
  • High UV resistance
  • High Durability
  • Professional and DIY application
  • Highly Washable

Chic Classic / Chic Fine – specialty interior paint finishes

classic chic
  • Sand Blasted texture
  • 2 Base Colours create a large palette
  • Very Durable
  • DIY application possible
  • Coverage: 12-15sqm/lt
  • 2 coat application
  • Highly Washable

chic classic 2chic classic 3chic classic 5

Chic Metal – specialty interior paint finishes

A color range inspired by the strength of resistant metals, intense, warm and bright.
  • Warm Colour Palette
  • Sand Blasted Texture
  • Very Durable
  • Highly Washable

chic metal 3chic metal 2chic metal 1
Trésor – specialty interior paint finishes
Reflections of light, colourful, iridescent hues, super shining brightness
  • Ambra
  • Onice
  • Ametista
  • Giada
  • Aquamarina

tresor 6tresor 4tresor 5tresor 2tresor 3tresor 1

Chiffon – specialty interior paint finishes

The impalpable lightness of material merges with the shimmering reflections of light, giving life to a finish with timeless elegance

  • Baracco
  • Minimalista
  • Liberty
Brush or Trowel application 8-10sqm/lt

Chiffon 1chiffon 3

Le Velature – specialty interior paint finishes

Free your imagination, create effects inspired by your emotions
le velature
  • Highly Water resistant
  • Washed Look and feel
  • Large Colour Palette
  • Coupled with Elite Travertino

Spatula/Trowel Products

  • Natural Minerals and Water Based
  • Very low VOC
  • Very High Durability
  • Decent Spread Rate

Professional Application Recommended

Vertigo – specialty interior paint finishes

The illusion of movement is animated into an elegant, graphic game of nuances and suggestions
  • Synthetic product
  • Coverage 1.5sqm/kg
  • Styles include:
    • Devoré, Tweed, Drill, Piquet, Moiré and Millerighe
  • Intended to be finished by Chic, Chiffon and Trésor

vertigo 3vertigo 1veritgo 4

Plaisir – specialty interior paint finishes

The fine reflections of silk enhance the beauty of interior in a minimal, modern or classic style


  • Trowel application
  • Silky Finish
  • Soft Colour Palette

plaisir 3plaisir 2plaisir 1

Elite Travertino – specialty interior paint finishes

Natural Marble wall finish
elite travertino
  • Made with Natural Travertino Marble Powder
  • Can we used in wet areas such as bathrooms
  • Can also be used outdoors provided it is protected
  • Coupled with Le Velature finish providing water resistance
  • Coverage: 1sqm/kg

travertino 5travertino 4travertino 2

Elite Grassello – Marmorino – specialty interior paint finishes

grassello marmorino
Elite Grassello
  • Natural Lime Venetian Stucco
  • Highly Polished and glossy finish

Elite Marmorino

  • Lime and Marble Venetian Stucco
  • Polished Matt finish
  • Both can be used in wet areas

Coverage: 1.5sqm/kg

Damascato – specialty interior paint finishes


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