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The White Knight Metal range has a solution for all your metal needs.
Ideal for restoring, maintaining, protecting or decorating metal surfaces around the home such as fences, gutters, doors, windows, gates and ornaments. The range includes Touch Up, Metal Guard and the market leading Rust Guard, each delivering exceptional adhesion and easy application allowing you to achieve a professional result every time.
How to Paint a Metal Fence
Watch professional painter Roy Evans guide you through the steps to transform a rusty metal fence using White Knight’s anti-corrosive metal paints that renew rusted metal surfaces and protect from rust.

White Knight High Temperature products provide a range of high performance paints that withstand high temperatures.
The range is designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of stoves, BBQs, and engines, while providing long lasting protection.
The White Knight High Temperature range includes Pot Belly Black, Engine Enamel and Hi Temp.
White Knight Safety paints can be used on most common surfaces and assist in keeping your working and living environments safe, by highlighting and marking obstacles and hazardous objects, as well as guiding you in the occurrence of emergencies. Safety paints are available in brush on or spray on varieties depending on your needs, and the range includes Glow, Fluoro, Line Marking and Spot & Survey Marking.

How to Paint Concrete
Spruce up your veranda and path by painting your concrete. Watch professional painter Roy Evans show you how in a few easy steps using White Knight Paving Paints.

How to Paint Ceramic Tiles
Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Watch professional painter Roy Evans show you how to update a tired looking bathroom by simply painting ceramic tiles with White Knight Tile Paint which contains Microban® to protect against mould, mildew and fungus.
The White Knight Craft and Decorative range is a collection of brilliant colour paints for all sorts of creative projects around the home. The high quality range includes aerosol and brush on options in a rainbow of colours and artistic finishes that are suitable for most art projects. The range includes Squirts, Chalkboard, Splashes, Strokes and Craft.
craft decorative
White Knight Resurfacing paints are an easy and cost effective way to give tired decks a new lease on life. Durable and easy to apply, they are ideal for decks, docks, porches, pathways and more. The range includes White Knight Renew It! Deck & Concrete Resurfacer, as well as preparation product Renew It! Deck Cleaner to give you the perfect finish. The range is available in a wide range of colours.

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