Exclusive to Bristol Paint Specialist stores

Rinse Free Sugar Soap

Use Bristol’s Prestige Rinse Free Sugar Soap to quickly clean and prepare your home, decks and siding for painting.
Our amazing formula means that you no longer have to wipe down the walls after application. Simply start painting or wallpapering after the prescribed short waiting period.
Prestige Rinse Free Sugar Soap acts fast to remove dirt, grease, grime, soot, chalked paint and more. It is compatible with washable walls, floors, and woodwork including decks and siding. It is specially formulated to work quickly so you can get the job done quicker.

Bristol’s Professional trade quality Prestige RINSE FREE Sugar Soap is a powerful liquid cleaner that leaves absolutely NO RESIDUE is FAST DRYING and requires NO NEED TO RISE OFF once applied which means you can start work quicker.

Perfect for cleaning surfaces prior to painting and wallpapering, cutting through stubborn grease and built up grime with ease, and can also be used without dilution for spot cleaning difficult to remove stains.

Ezy Mould Remover

Exclusive to Bristol Paint Specialist stores

Mould, moss and lichen’s grow so fast that before you know it every nook and cranny is filled with the stuff.

Bristols Prestige Ezy Mould Remover ATTACKS fast, our formula is a blend of biodegradable surfactants that work to remove the mould and moss for you.

Best of all it contains no caustic, no acids and no bleach. Plus it’s fully biodegradable, phosphate free, pH neutral, no chlorine, caustics or acids

Simply apply using a spray bottle, pump spray pack or even a simple mop and bucket will work fine.
Spray over the area to be cleaned and allow the area to dry.

Remove grease, grime, paint, texta and more just like magic!

The only hand cleaner you'll ever need for the workshop, ute or job site!

Prestige hand cleaner is EXCLUSIVE to Bristol Paint Specialist stores and is guaranteed to remove paint, glue, grime and more in seconds while still being gentle on your skin.

Prestige Multi Purpose Cleaner - Exclusive to Bristol Paint Specialist stores

One product for all problems

BEST KNOWN FOR: Ability to clean all areas!

Designed to be safe, save water, consolidate your products and reduce costs.
Features special fast drying streak free formula… reduces mop marks, streaking, residue and slip and fall accidents.

Aromatherapy Technology… the essential oil blend has been carefully selected to make people feel great.

  • Safe for staff… pleasant to use and mild on skin.
  • Environmentally friendly… and 100% biodegradable.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Reduces costs… Super concentrated
  • Amazing versatility… means you need fewer products…

MPC can also be used for…
  • Wall & ceiling washing
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Spraying & wiping
  • Windows and glass

High powered, super concentrated… non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-abrasive formula will save you time & labour costs with very little scrubbing and manual effort required. No colour dyes added…

It is a clear liquid concentrate much safer around natural stone, anti-bacterial power is provided by natural ingredients and is NON-TOXIC.

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