• How to paint a house interior
    15 December 2015
    15 December 2015

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    1. Begin by determining the colour scheme that will be used. Remember to consider colours you’ve selected for surrounding rooms and spaces before determining the colour palette for walls, doors, trims and ceilings.
    2. Use our paint calculator to help determine the quantity of each type of paint you’ll need. As a guide, most interior paints 4m2/L.
    3. Open any windows in the room to improve ventilation and drying time.
    4. You may choose to tackle your project by painting one room at a time or by type of paint. Either way, be sure to prepare all walls before painting.
    5. Place drop cloths on floors and on any furnishings that can’t be removed from the room.
    6. Apply painter’s masking tape to fittings and any trim edges which may be fiddly and difficult to paint around.
    7. When painting any room, we always recommend painting from top down.
    8. Start with painting the ceilings.
    9. Move onto painting the walls next
    10. Once these are completely dry, paint the doors, trims and window frames.
    11. Allow adequate drying time for all surfaces between coats.
    12. It’s time for the fun part to begin! Add your furnishings, unleash your creative flair & enjoy your new space!
    how to paint a house interior
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