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How do I decide whether to have wallpaper or paint?

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You don't have to choose one or the other because wallpaper and paint work well together.

Bristol Paint and Decorator Centers, B@HomeSome rooms in your home can be painted, others can be wallpapered – it’s up to you. Designers happily use wallpaper and paint on different walls of the same room.
Many wallpaper retailers also sell paint, and usually have wallcoverings that match most paint colours on the market, so you can easily co-ordinate the two finishes.
Of course, only wallpaper has a choice of patterns and textures; and it’s a one-coat process once the paper is up, that’s it. There’s no need for a second or third coat to get the colour right.

What are the advantages of wallcoverings?

Wallpaper is now firmly back on the design agenda, for its new textures, modern colours and designs, and its rediscovered practicality.
Much like a cosmetic concealer, textured wallcoverings can hide less-than-perfect walls. And it can save time. Wallpapering is quicker than painting – one coat of wallpaper is all you need for instant colour.
Wallpaper is easy-care – many modern papers are washable and wear well.
Wallcoverings have great touch appeal, adding an extra element of texture to a room.
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