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B@Home will help you find inspiration for your next DIY project.

bristol paints, diy ideas, b@home, inspiration, For all of you out there who are DIY fanatics, keep this page bookmarked for future ideas, inspirational and helpful tips.

We’ll be posting or love to peruse images and daydream about new projects — get ready for a plethora of inspiration coming your way…

B@Home has gathered some fabulous projects that will make you clear up an upcoming weekend.
Everything from installing a sliding barn door to making a mosaic claw foot tub to creating a herringbone pattern on your furniture.

Get ready to fill up some folders from our Downloadable DIY projects and videos, just click on the PDF link, print it off and you are ready to go.

A new How To’s project will be posted here every week so make sure you check back frequently for inspiration.

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