Nutech Paint's – Roof Coatings Range

Over 40 years of experience in developing exceptional solutions across any roof coating surface you may encounter.

We manufacture Australia's most comprehensive range of professional quality roof coatings and preparation products backed by industry standard manufacturer's warranties.
This extensive range has evolved from experience and development to cover multiple situations and surface conditions. All our surface preparation products and sealers are fully compatible with the Nutech topcoat colour systems to ensure a perfect finish. We are confident that you will find an appropriate solution that will achieve your desired result.

Nutech's topcoat range consists of the following:

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  • NXT Cool Zone
  • TileFlex
  • NuFlex

While preparation and surface primers comprises:

  • SupaPrime
  • Master Sealer
  • General Purpose Primer
  • Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer
  • NuPrime
  • Elite Terracotta Prime H2O
  • Maxi Point
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