PaveCoat – Concrete Sealer

Transform your concrete, adding life and vitality.

Nutech PaveCoat concrete sealer utilises advanced technology and is recommended for a wide variety of decorative and protective concrete finishes. PaveCoat seals and protects concrete providing a durable surface ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.
Nutech PaveCoat provides an attractive finish for both new and old concrete and is available in our standard range of 36 colours. PaveCoat may also be custom tinted to any colour you require and comes in a choice of finished including:
  • Low sheen
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss finish.


Nutech PaveCoat concrete sealer is manufactured from acrylic polymer resin and is stabilised for all types of concrete including:Image result for nutech pavecoat
  • Paving
  • Driveways
  • Factories
  • Workshop floors
  • Service Stations
  • Tilt slab construction
  • Asbestos and cement sheeting
  • Slate flooring
  • Concrete roof tiles.
PaveCoat UV Clear and colours are recommended for:
  • Plain concrete
  • Pattern paving
  • Stamped impression paving
  • Stencil paving
  • Spray on finish paving.
PaveCoat is highly durable and resistant to oil and most chemicals.
(For greater protection refer to Nutech PaveCoat Petrol Resistant Concrete Sealer.)


Nutech's range of PaveCoat sealers, in colour and gloss options, is designed as a decorative and protective coating system for a wide range of concrete paving and building applications.
PaveCoat provides excellent adhesion, weather and waterproofing protection and a hardwearing surface. Best results are achieved with two coats on most surfaces. PaveCoat provides superb protection against fading and powdering of oxide colours while also protecting against staining and marking due to contaminants including oil and grease. PaveCoat coloured sealer is non-fading and resistant to discolouration.
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