• How to make your home look professionally designed using Vision Wallcoverings
    08 July 2018
    08 July 2018

    Design your home like a professional with Vision Wallpapers.

    Designing the interior of your home can be extremely difficult when you're not an expert. You can spend months looking on Pinterest for inspiration, only to be left feeling overwhelmed. To help you on your path to designing like a professional, we have put together a couple of go to styles and how you can make them work.

    Raw Appeal

    Embrace calm with minimalist designs, shapes and delicate details. The minimalist look is all about having a clear and tidy space with very limited clutter.

    When it comes to incorporating a minimalistic interior in your home, it starts right at the base. Subdued hues are a must, whether you stick to a basic paint or bring in stunning textured wallcoverings.

    Tropical Trend

    Embrace the tropical trend with bold wallpapers in rich and luxurious colours. This palm leaf design from the Vision ‘Reflect’ collection combined with a neutral colour palette, is a modern take on the tropical look.

    Vision Wallcoverings carries a huge selection of wallpaper for you to choose from. Whether your look is classic, modern or something in between, you will find a beautiful wallcovering to complement your home.

    The Bristol Paint Specialists stock an extensive and up to date range of Vision Wallcoverings. Visit your local store for assistance in choosing a wallpaper to suit your style.

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