• How to keep your kids entertained in Winter
    05 June 2018
    05 June 2018

    How to make good use of those rainy days with the kids

    Winter can be tricky when it comes to keeping the kids entertained and out of trouble and it can be near impossible to come up with different activities for them to do. So we’ll make it a little easier for you and give you some fun and funky ideas!

    Head to your local Bristol Paint Specialist for further assistance in collecting everything you’ll need.

    DIY Planter Boxes

    Planter boxes are a great activity that is both kind to the environment and the eyes! Give your home or backyard a spice up with a DIY planter box. Get the kids to join in on painting the completed box with some creative patterns, you can help them by creating some stencils using cardboard.
    You will need the following equipment;
    - Timber, nails and a hammer (or a ready-made box)
    - Outdoor Paint or spray cans from your local Bristol Paint Specialists.
    - Seeds or a variation of small plants
    - Soil

    Canvas Painting

    There’s no denying that kids LOVE painting. What’s not to love? Bright colours, messy paint, the chance to use their creativity and a possible masterpiece as a result! You won’t know if you have a Picasso on your hands until you let them loose on a canvas! You can even stick down a stencil to create a useful painting for your home or child’s bedroom.

    It’s a good idea to make this an outdoor activity or use some old sheets on your floor as protection.

    Here’s everything you’ll need;
    - A canvas (any size)
    - Paint (Head to your local Bristol Paint Specialist for advice on what is best to use)
    - Utensils such as sponges, brushes, stencils or even things found around the garden to create a unique painting

    It’s important to encourage the creative minds of kids and DIY crafts are the best way to do so! Plus, as a bonus it keeps them occupied while you get to relax a little.

    Happy crafting!
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