• How to fill a large crack or hole in a wall in your home or office.
    28 December 2015
    28 December 2015

    Follow these simple steps to learn HOW TO FILL A LARGE CRACK OR HOLE on any wall in your home.

    how to fix a hole in plaster
    Every plaster wall is prone to wear and tear over time. Occasionally though, furniture, door handles and wayward toys can lead to large cracks and holes that need to be filled quickly and easily.
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    • Polyfilla Interior Large Cracks
    • A flexible filling blade
    • A scraper
    • Fibreglass mesh
    • Sandpaper
    • A wipe cloth


    Watch this short video on How to fill a large crack in your wall at home.

    1. Scrape around the inside edge of the hole with a scraper to remove any excess plaster or debris. Wipe over the area with a clean cloth to remove dust from scraping.
    2. Any hole larger than 1cm in diameter will need bridging material. Peel away the backing and place a square of adhesive fibreglass mesh firmly over the hole. Allow at least 2-3cm around the outside edge of the hole.
    3. Apply Polyfilla Interior Large Cracks to your filling blade and gently force the filler through the holes in the mesh and make sure it completely covers the mesh material. Also extend the filler well past the edges of the mesh to ensure a gradual,
      even finish.
    4. Allow to dry for just 30 minutes for 2mm applications or longer for deeper applications. Longer drying times may also be required in humid conditions.
    5. Lightly sand the area and apply a second layer of Polyfilla Interior Large Cracks if required.
    6. Once you have sanded back the final layer using fine sandpaper, the surface is ready to be painted over. Ensure you wipe the surface to remove dust prior to painting.

    Bristol EasyLiving Low Sheen

    easy livingeasy liv inte wall mediumceiling paint
    We recommend you use Bristol Easyliving to give your room a fresh coat of paint for interior walls such as bedrooms, living rooms or in areas which get a lot of traffic.
    Bristol Easyliving Interior is the perfect choice to minimise your overall environmental footprint. This water based interior paint is not only low in VOC and has less odour, making it both better for you and the environment, but it still delivers the durability you’ve come to expect from Bristol.

    Paint Type

    Water based interior paint.

    Performance Indicators

    • Durable
    • Low VOC & less odour
    • Easy application
    • Good flow properties
    • Fast drying
    • Made in Australia

    Ideal for

    Interior walls such as bedrooms, living rooms or in areas which get a lot of traffic.


    Up to 16m² per litre
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    Gloss Level

    5 – 10%

    Colour Range

    Combine with our exclusive hand-selected colour palette or apply straight from the tin and in 2 coats* you’ll get a true colour with more than enough coverage.
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