• How to decorate your home
    08 July 2018
    08 July 2018

    Let’s face it, decorating your home can be hard! We aren’t all blessed with the eye for design and sometimes need a little assistance.

    We have compiled a list of tips to help you make the right design choices for your home!

    1. Set the tone.

    Setting the tone is important, as it creates a clear direction of where the space is going. Whether you are going bright and bold or plain and simple.

    Choose a paint colour that inspires you and gives you a vision for the area you are decorating. If you are having trouble, come into your local Bristol Paint Specialist for a FREE 30 minute colour consultation.

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    2. Hang a mirror

    Mirrors are almost like magic when it comes to decorating. They can create the illusion of more space which can be vital in smaller living spaces. It can truly transform an area.

    Adding a mirror is a cheap and effective decoration. There are many gorgeous mirror designs out there for you to experiment with so don’t hold back!

    3. Scale artwork for you wall

    There is no bigger eyesore than a room with big glorious walls that features a tiny unproportionate piece of artwork. Make use of your walls and display artwork that fits well.

    You don’t have to spend big bucks to do this either! If you’re strapped for cash, give the kids an art project or even create something original yourself.

    The Bristol Paint Specialists will have all the paint and tools you need to create your own unique artwork.

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