• How To Craft Your Mum A Gift
    06 May 2018
    06 May 2018

    Mother’s Day Craft Idea’s Using Paint

    Mother’s Day is all about showing our appreciation for everything our mums have done for us over the years. Most of them deserve the world and more but unfortunately that’s not possible, so we’ll go with the next best thing, DIY gifts! Handmade and personalised presents can truly show the love and compassion you have for your mum, rather than picking up a gift card from the local shops you dedicate your time and energy to bring something special to her.

    To help you decide what gift is right for your mum, we have compiled a few ideas and what you’ll need for them to be long lasting.

    Hand Painted Pot Plants

    This is a super easy and affordable gift idea for mum to enjoy!

    All you will need is a basic pot, a plant (or seeds), long wearing exterior paint from your local Bristol Paint Specialists, a paint brush and some creativity!
    We recommend you use a Clear Sealer to paint the inside of the pot to prevent water seepage.

    Your mum will love the personal touch to her gift.

    Hand Painted Mugs

    Another simple but effective gift idea is hand painted mugs! Let’s face it, all mums need a cup of coffee or tea to kick start the day and having a personalised mug can brighten every day just a little more.

    Buy a basic mug and then talk to your local Bristol Paint Specialist about what specialised products you will need.

    Canvas Painting

    There’s nothing more gorgeous than a brightly coloured and unique painting to hang in the house!

    Give your mum a gift no one else can while putting your painting talents to good use.

    This is a great way to use up any leftover wall paints you may have laying around or if not, simply head to your local Bristol Paint Specialist for assistance in finding a long wearing paint.

    All you will need is a blank canvas, paint from the Bristol Paint Specialists, painting tools (sponges, brushes, etc.) and some passion!

    Be sure to spoil your mum with love this Mother’s Day and show her how much you appreciate the life she has given you!
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