• Funky wall patterns
    01 August 2015
    01 August 2015


    Funk up any room with painter’s tape

    Painter’s tape is ye old’ friend of every tradie and any person with a creative bone in their body.

    There is so much we can do to our walls using painter’s tape, so grab your nearest roll, start peeling away and paint to your heart’s content with one of these designs! Make sure you use the low tack version so it’s nice and easy to remove once you’ve finished painting.
    1) Cool chevron
    Zigzag lines bring a modern personality to any room, especially with so many cushions, rugs, plates and cups on the market these days with a chevron pattern.
    2) Snazzy stripes
    Simple yet effective, horizontal or vertical stripes are a classic way to bring print to room decor. For those wanting a more ambitious project, create a wall inspired by artist Piet Mondrian with geometric squares and stripes, then paint them in primary colours of red, yellow and blue.
    3) Mighty mountains
    No need to be straight or perfect like a chevron, just tape the silhouette of a mountain range with different peaks! Great for children’s bedrooms or for a fun feature wall in living areas.
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