• Top 8 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper
    29 March 2018
    29 March 2018

    Top 8 Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

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    When you spend a ton of money on expensive wallpaper, you want to make sure you use every last piece of it to the best of its ability! There are many more create uses for wallpaper than just applying it to your walls and and we have put together a list of the best ways to do so!

    1. Turn a feature wall into a feature roof


    2. Re-invent an old desk with a unique design


    3. Spice up a boring study space with a mini feature wall


    4. Go all out with an eye catching feature wall


    5. Use leftover wallpaper to give your stairs a makeover


    6. Turn your bed head into a feature piece


    7. Transform boring furniture


    8. And lastly, place wallpaper in photo frames to create your own decoration pieces!


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