• B@Home DIY Tip: How to paint a dog kennel
    18 December 2015
    18 December 2015

    In this B@Home DIY Tip we show you how to paint a dog kennel.

    Why not put a fun twist on your dog’s home and brighten up your yard in the process?

    Most dog kennels come in standard plain untreated timber or plain painted metal, so why not add some personality to your dog’s home with these handy B@Home Tips.

    How to paint a dog kennel

    How to paint a dog kennel, getting started.

    Painting your dog’s kennel is a great way to show off their personality and provide some colour to your backyard.

    Time to set aside for this DIY Project:

    About 2 – 3 hours over 2 days this will make sure the paint is applied properly and dries thoroughly so it is safe for your pet.
    Make sure you choose colours that reflect your or your dog’s personality, if you’re not sure how to do this ask one of our staff at your local Bristol Paint Specialist.

    Things You’ll Need

    • Metal dog Kennel (old or new)
    • Newspapers
    If you choose to spray paint you will need:
    • Non-toxic spray paint (A huge range is available at your local Bristol Paint Specialist)
    • Non-toxic metal primer spray paint.
    Depending on the kennel size, you will need two to four cans of spray paint.
    Or you can use a brush using either an oil based or water based paint, our helpful team at your local Bristol Paint Specialist will help you pick which type of paint is best suited to your specific needs.
    • A small paint brush
    • Some turps to clean the brush if you are using oil based paints
    Non-toxic paint is highly recommended as it is the only kind that can be used to ensure the safety of your pet.

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    Set up your work space.

    Work outside to ensure proper ventilation. Lay enough newspaper, cardboard or a drop sheet down to create a large covered area. There should be at least the width of a sheet of newspaper extra on each side of the kennel to allow for overshooting of the paint.

    Make it easy.

    If you can take the Kennel apart this is better as you can then paint the inside easily. If the kennel is one piece it may not be practical to paint the inside as well.
    Start by laying one side of the kennel down and applying a coat of primer, then proceed to the remaining sides. Do not proceed until the primer on all sides is completely dry.

    Next Steps

    Once the primer is completely dry apply the first coat of your chosen color using either the brush or spray paint to all sides.
    Wait for it to completely dry. When painting, use a steady hand to apply the coat evenly. Wait for the sides to dry and apply a second coat if necessary.
    Use the paint brush to touch up any areas that the spray paint may have missed. The most common place is the corners of the kennel. If you have dismantled the kennel, wait for the paint to dry before reassembling it.
    Wait a full 48 hours before allowing your pet in the kennel to ensure any potential fumes have dispersed. The paint should be completely dry by this time and safe for your pet.
    To add a bit of personality why not create some stencils, or add some creative signs with your dogs name on them. You could even add a small flower box on the front.

    For more DIY ideas and helpful tips visit your nearest Bristol Paint Specialist near you. Click on the link to find your local store.

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