• 7 Painting Mistakes To Avoid
    28 March 2018
    28 March 2018

    7 Painting Mistakes To Avoid

    1. Picking the wrong colours

    .One of the most common mistakes many of us make is choosing a paint colour using the sample cards and having it turn out looking nothing like you expected. To avoid this you can ask for a sample pot of the paint colour you like or for a more effortless approach you can use our Paint Your Room link.

    2. Passing on prep time

    It is always vital to prepare your walls for painting in order to prevent any bumps, dirt or cracks from ruining the paint job. Make sure to clean, patch up any cracks and apply painters tape before reaching for your paint brush.

    3. Skipping primer

    Getting a professional looking paint job is all about the prep! Primers ensures all flaws are covered and creates a smooth surface for your paint to go on effortlessly.

    4. Painting without direction

    It is important to begin painting from the roof for the finest finish, that way you can catch any drips as you move down.

    5. Using the wrong brush

    When painting it is important to use the right brush for the right areas. Cutting in those edges can be very difficult with a big giant brush! Head into your local Bristol Paint Specialist for all the help you'll need in picking out high quality brushes.

    6. Over brushing

    To receive the smoothest result possible, be sure to avoid over brushing. You can do this by simply loading the brush up and then using quick strokes, paint over the area. To level off any uneven areas just use a stroke or two. Brushing over areas too much can cause unsightly brush marks.

    7. Not painting in natural lighting

    Avoid painting in dim lighting as it can cause you to unknowingly leave areas uneven, which you will not see until natural or bright light is let into the room.

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